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MRCPsych Paper A

over 3800 McQs and over 950 Extended Matching Item (EMI), ( with Answers and Explantations ) .file pdf 

You will receive the question bank at your email afer purchase directly .

Paper A covers the following sections of the syllabus, and the percentage split/marks on a 150 mark exam:

  • Behavioural Science and Sociocultural Psychiatry (16.67% / 25)
  • Human Development (16.67% / 25)
  • Basic Neurosciences (25.00% / 37 or 38)
  • Clinical Psychopharmacology (25.00% / 37 or 38)
  • Classification and Assessment in Psychiatry (16.67% / 25)






MRCPsych Paper A


    A very important note: ebook ( Format Pdf )

    During the payment process, you will be asked for the shipping address. You can write any shipping address. This does not matter because downloading the book is automatic. The most important thing is to write the email accurately because you will receive a copy of the book there.

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